Our Team

Come join us! We are expanding and are looking for students and postdocs.

Picture of Dr. Haguy Wolfenson

Dr. Haguy Wolfenson

Principal Investigator
email:  haguyw@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-5239
Picture of Dr. Elisabeth Nadjar-Boger

Dr. Elisabeth Nadjar-Boger

Lab Manager
email:  elisabeth.bo@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-5209
Picture of Abhishek Mukherjee

Abhishek Mukherjee

PhD student
email:  abhishekm@campus.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-5209

Picture of Lea Feld

Lea Feld

MSc Student
email:  sfeldlea@gmail.com
Phone:  +972-4-829-5209
Picture of Hana Khoury Damouny

Hana Khoury Damouny

Prospective PhD student
email:  shsk@campus.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-5209
Picture of Dr. Shorook Na’ara, MD

Dr. Shorook Na’ara, MD

Research Associate
email:  shorook.n@gmail.com
Phone:  +972-4-829-5209