Our Team

Picture of Associate Professor Haguy Wolfenson

Associate Professor Haguy Wolfenson

Principal Investigator
email:  haguyw@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-5239
Picture of Dr. Elisabeth Nadjar-Boger

Dr. Elisabeth Nadjar-Boger

Lab manager
email:  elisabeth.bo@technion.ac.il

Postdoctoral fellows:

Picture of Lidan Shi

Lidan Shi

Postdoctoral fellow
email:  lidan.shi@campus.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-5209

PhD students:

Picture of Maher Abusaleh

Maher Abusaleh

MD/PhD student (joint with Prof. Peleg Hasson)
email:  maher.a@campus.technion.ac.il
Picture of Malak Amer

Malak Amer

PhD student
email:  malak0110a@gmail.com
Phone:  +972-4-829-5209
Picture of Hana Khoury Damouny

Hana Khoury Damouny

MD/PhD student
email:  shsk@campus.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-5209
Picture of Tina Shogan

Tina Shogan

PhD student (joint with Prof. Ziv Gil)
email:  tinashogan@campus.technion.ac.il
Picture of Yuanning Guo, MD

Yuanning Guo, MD

PhD student
email:  yuanning.guo@campus.technion.ac.il
Picture of Ido Mizrahi

Ido Mizrahi

MD/PhD student (joint with Prof. Peleg Hasson)
email:  ido.mizrahi@campus.technion.ac.il
Picture of Danielle Regev

Danielle Regev

PhD student (joint with Prof. Ofer Binah)
email:  danielleregev1504@gmail.com

MSc students:

Picture of Ran Sagiv

Ran Sagiv

MSc Student
email:  ran-sagiv@campus.technion.ac.il
Picture of Sharihan Titi

Sharihan Titi

MSc Student
email:  sharihan.titi@gmail.com

Undergraduate students:

Picture of Keshet Ben-Ayun

Keshet Ben-Ayun

Picture of Ofek Levi

Ofek Levi

Picture of Sapir Langer

Sapir Langer


Past Members:

Picture of Shay Melamed

Shay Melamed

PhD student (joint with Prof. Peleg Hasson)
email:  shaymelamed9@gmail.com
Picture of Abhishek Mukherjee

Abhishek Mukherjee

Postdoctoral fellow
email:  abhishekm@campus.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-5209
Picture of Lea Feld

Lea Feld

MSc Student
email:  sfeldlea@gmail.com
Phone:  +972-4-829-5209
Picture of Shorook Na’ara, MD PhD

Shorook Na’ara, MD PhD

Research Associate
email:  shorook.n@gmail.com
Phone:  +972-4-829-5209